Services Offered


Mowing: Our mowing service includes edging around beds and all hard surfaces, “weed-eating” around trees, posts, fences (let us know if you don’t want us near your fence) and walls, blowing off all hard surfaces and spraying “crackweed”.

Horticulture: Or “Hort”. Trimming shrubs, cleaning up and hauling off

Flower Bed Maintenance: We will monitor your beds on each visit. Our crews will routinely spray beds when needed/desired. If a full-blown overhaul is needed, when can provide an estimate.

Mulch Installation: Installing pine straw or pine bark, will require an estimate. We only charge for what is actually used. We like to take care of any weeds in the beds when this is done, however some jobs may require an additional charge.

Turf Treatment: As stated, we are licensed by the State of Alabama. Any commercial application of turf chemicals requires a license. Some lawn enthusiasts who insist that their yards be green and weed free demand this service. It is a good investment to complete the “lawn care” program. We provide six applications per year. Please call us for more detail, or to have this service added.

Leaf Clean Up: We will typically mulch the leaves up when we mow. If leaf removal is required, or requested, please let us know.

Lawn Care Services